In offshore exploration geophysics and cutting edge oceanography, as in most sciences, more information faster is better.

Digital Ocean Exploration (Digital-Ocean) has designed, developed and offers technological solutions and services to lessen – in a niche but effective way – the ‘finding time’ of offshore subsea oil & gas deposits – hydrocarbons. Digital-Ocean technologies include Graphic 1the high speed digital broadband satellite transfer of subocean three-dimensional (3D) and four-dimensional (4D) marine seismic datasets directly from operational marine seismic exploration research vessels at sea to terrestrial supercomputers – High Performance Computer (HPC) systems – on a near real-time basis for faster processing and better exploration & production (E&P) decisions.

In parallel Digital-Ocean technologies reduce the environmental impact of offshore exploration by shortening the overall exploration cycle time in environmentally sensitive seas. In doing so the risks and impact of offshore E&P are mitigated with faster, better and less expensive highly detailed subsurface digital images utilizing an on-orbit global fleet of high bandwidth, high power geostationary (GEO) scientific purposed satellites.

Graphic 2In cutting edge offshore scientific digital ocean exploration – oceanography – new technologies with Digital-Ocean offer the ability to transfer high definition (HD) streaming digital images and sensor files from offshore platforms or scientific oceanographic vessels to terrestrial hub sites with real time observation from all oceans throughout the globe.

This is scheduled high speed machine to machine (M2M) connectivity linking incredible ocean going data gathering machines equipped with vast fields of sensors to terrestrial ultra-fast High Performance Computer systems worldwide.

Digital-Ocean offers the fastest digital satellite data transfer technology on the planet.

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