In exploration geophysics, as in most sciences, more information faster is better. Digital Ocean Exploration – “Digital-Ocean” – has designed & developed new and improved technologies to better support advanced exploration for offshore hydrocarbon resources by reducing subocean exploration turnaround time with the ultra-broadband digital satellite high-speed transfer of 3D/4D subsea datasets.

Dynamic GraphicsDigital-Ocean has designed and developed the fastest satellite data transfer service in the world for ocean exploration.

Digital-Ocean is a satellite tech company engaged in the business of the high-speed ultra-wideband digital satellite transfer of subocean datasets from operational offshore data gathering (“RV”) science vessels directly to scalable Cloud Platform High Performance Computers – (“HPC”) – or HPC clusters on a scheduled or planned basis with customers.

‘Fresh’ offshore subocean exploration data uplinked directly from operational marine exploration vessels in any world ocean and returned directly to terrestrial High Performance Computer cluster sites or scalable Cloud HPC platforms on a scheduled transfer basis for highly improved workflow, ultimately better – bits per Hertz drives bits per pixel – subocean modeling, 3D & 4D reservoir simulation and enhanced high-resolution digital imaging. Digital-Ocean decreases the time a large amount of data may be applied to a subocean exploration problem with faster compute.

As offshore exploration geographically expands, subocean data files get exponentially larger and the need for new technologies to support more effective exploration solutions expands, Digital-Ocean is today working to reduce risks, reduce exploration costs, improve exploration success and measurably increase efficiency and safety in an offshore program.

National GeographicEssentially Digital-Ocean is defining the extension of the scalable Cloud Platform HPC Enterprise infrastructure to the offshore.

This highly focused business may be viewed as a geosynchronous on-orbit geophysical platform to reduce time and increase information in offshore exploration.

Digital-Ocean’s initial business focus is with U.S. Space Policy and Digital Commutations Technology for highly improved ocean exploration.

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