Faster, better, smarter and environmentally safer ocean exploration.

Digital Ocean Exploration is a privately held satellite tech company engaged in the business of the high-speed ultra-wideband digital satellite transfer of large ocean datasets directly from operational offshore data gathering science vessels to scalable Cloud Platform High Performance Computers – HPC – or HPC clusters on a planned basis with ocean exploration customers for highly improved E&P.

Digital Ocean Exploration has developed and continues to develop regulatory policies and digital technologies to increase digital ocean information quicker and lessen the environmental impact with shorter exploration cycles.

In exploration geophysics, and in digital oceanography, more information faster is simply better. By the development of the world’s fastest satellite data transfer speeds with a focus on the offshore exploration market ocean information is dramatically improved for better and environmentally safer decisions.

Digital-Ocean is defining the extension of the scalable Cloud Platform HPC Enterprise infrastructure to the offshore.

Jay Gnowles
Chief Executive Officer
Digital Ocean Exploration

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