Seismic Data

The generation and collection of marine seismic data may be accomplished by transmitting a controlled acoustic source into the ocean subsurface from an operational seismic exploration vessel. The vessel is equipped with multiple seismic streamers trailing behind the boat individually outfitted with a series of hydrophones that collect/recover the sound from the acoustic source reflected up from the ocean floor ultimately resulting – when processed – in a three-dimensional (3D) datasets.

Seismic streamers may be equipped with steerable devices allowing the spread between the individual streamers to be more consistent equating to improved 3D datasets. The number of vessel streamers may range up to twenty-four (24) or more depending upon the seismic vessel size and the exploration program design.

Marine seismic industry players include the following vessel owners operating incredible ocean going machines gathering vast amounts of data:

Today all seismic vessels have terrestrial connectivity in kbps.

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