Jay Gnowles is CEO and Founder of Digital Ocean Exploration. Gnowles is experienced in high speed digital satellite networking in the geostationary satellite industry in both publicly traded and privately held satellite companies within the domestic, regional and international satellite markets.

Initially in Honolulu Gnowles worked within the U.S. domestic satellite industry during the emergence of competitive telecom carriers allowing initial competition.

Gnowles experience includes policy change work in the international satellite industry in a satellite commercialization business utilizing C-band frequencies and on-orbit capacity on the first-generation NASA TDRS System for international digital communications.

This work during a period of emerging international satellite deregulation & initial international telecommunications competition – resulting from the break-up of the Intelsat monopoly i.e. Separate Systems from the Intelsat consortium – allowing the provisioning of competitive international digital voice and data markets between the U.S. & Europe and the U.S. & Asia lowering costs and increasing choice.

In the mid-90s Gnowles worked in regional geostationary satellite industry development throughout the Asia/Pacific Region in deregulating markets including Hong Kong, Singapore, New Deli, Mumbai, Auckland, Sydney, Manila, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok.

Work during early international satellite deregulation in these emerging markets included the utilization of Russian built geostationary communications satellites – with the Russian Space Agency (RSA) & Informcosmos – for regional television in newly competitive deregulating markets including India. Launched on Proton rockets from the Baikonur Cosmodrome and placed in ITU authorized geostationary satellite positions leased from the Kingdom of Tonga throughout the Asia/Pacific Region – these satellites allowed early competition in emerging markets. This business model was later utilized worldwide – and is today – by the largest satellite industry fleets.

In the late 90’s Gnowles Founded a company for the development and operation of high-speed offshore data transmission utilizing Ku-band capacity on the NASA TDRS System having been awarded an FCC License.

Working through the WH for improved National Space Policy, today Digital Ocean Exploration continues to capitalize on further digitization, transformational technology and evolving regulatory policy with GEO satellites focusing on faster and better subocean exploration while lessening the environmental impact with the NASA TDRS System.

In exploration geophysics and cutting-edge oceanography, as in most sciences, more digital information faster is better in the transfer of knowledge.


Michigan Technological University
Northern Michigan University

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